About Cooper City, Florida

Cooper City is named for Morris Cooper, who established the network in 1959. The city’s populace was 28,547 at the 2010 enumeration. Morris Cooper promoted Cooper City available to be purchased in the Wall Street Journal when the bottom fell out of the land market in the mid 1960’s. As we probably am aware by its proceeded with name, there were no takers.

Cooper City is likewise the origin of Troy State defensive end Ken Wagner, who was a piece of their National Championship group in the last part of the 1980s.

Starting at 2000, English was communicated in as a first language by 78.55% of the populace, while Spanish was spoken by 15.08%, and Hebrew speakers made up 1.25% of all inhabitants. Other native languages included dialects, for example, both French and Malayalam making up 0.75% of inhabitants, just as Italian being at 0.69%, while Chinese was at 0.59%.

With an expected populace of 35,853, the normal age of all inhabitants is 39.8 years. With three grade schools, one center school and one secondary school, just as a few private and strict partnered schools, and a bounty of parks, recreational offices and projects for all ages, Cooper City has for some time been known as a magnificent spot to “develop families.”