Google+ Profiles for Dentists


We went through a standardized set of variables for each dentist and dental practice examined.
You can see the information we looked for here.

  1. Link to Google+ profile in website
  2. Existence of Google+ page
  3. Google+ page URL
  4. Verification of Google+ page (claimed)
  5. Google+ images
  6. Business hours match on Google+ and on website
  7. Google+ followers
  8. Google+ views
  9. Google+ star rating
  10. Number of Google+ reviews

Relation to Other Social Media Platforms

Most dentists and dental practices do not have a link to their Google+ account on their website. Google+ pages are commonly the least managed social media account for dentists and dental practices, particularly in the areas of reviews, images and ratings.


Claim your Google+ page to verify to potential patients that your account and its reviews are definitely for your business. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! And don’t let your account go unattended! Make sure to add images so patients can get a feel for your office. It helps to make it seem more relatable and comforting, which is especially important for dental practices. We’re constantly battling the popular fear of dentists. Once you draw more clients in, ask them to review you on Google+ to increase your rating, traffic and visibility.

Here are some exciting benefits of having a business social media account:

  • Generated revenue through new leads and dental customers
  • Brand and reputation development through personal interactions
  • Networking and referrals or paths linking back to your website
  • Increased traffic leading to increased opportunity and conversions
  • Raised search engine visibility due to consistent activity
  • Expanded client base through social media connections


75% of dental websites do not have links to their Google+ page.

67% of dental Google+ pages have below 4 star rating.

67% of dental website business hours do not match their Google+ page business hours.

72% of dental Google+ pages do not have images.

Over half of all dental offices do not have Google+ pages.

45% of dental Google+ profile pages have not been claimed.

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