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Why Palmdale Local Expertise matters?

  • Pay Per Click Audience Targeting
  • Local Landmarks help with organic Search rankings
  • Help with other Local Marketing mediums

Palmdale local expert on our team


I am Varun Tandon and I have done reputation management for many years. Dental marketing is my area of expertise. I am familiar with Palmdale, it’s small town, and geography of that city. I know exactly where Dry Town Water Park, Ritter Ranch park, and Domenic Massari Park is. As someone who is familiar with Palmdale, I have knowledge of things that no Wikipedia, Google search, or Yelp page can reveal. Why is it good to know these things for local marketing?

The assorted types of people in Palmdale and surrounding neighborhoods it helps us to acquire the proper languages in Pay Per Click campaigns on Bing and Google Awords.

With a fluctuating population density, this local expert knowledge assists with better targeting in Pay Per Click campaigns.

Website on-page design & marketing
The numerous people in Palmdale and the areas surrounding it helps us make use of the correct imagery on the websites and in turn making the website more desirable to the people in that area.

Income range is important when deciding what offer to put on the website. It’s crucial to determine if the dental office brand themselves as a low cost provider OR a high end service provider. The cities that are around Palmdale aren’t the same.  A simple example would be  Palmdale vs. Lancaster.

In Local Marketing, “Hyperlocal” matters. This kind of specific knowledge about the city bring with it an expertise to rank better in that area.

The city’s culture is a big part of the types of patients the dental office might get. An example would  be that Palmdale is a high end community and that reflects how the median age of residents is skewed towards people with higher income.

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Other Local Advertising mediums

Being familiar with this area, I understand the type of local print advertising that circulates. That will help us guide the dental office point to other advertising mediums as well.

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