Target By Your Current Client's Zip-CodeAre you spending a ton of money on online advertising with little to no new patients?


I guarantee that your target marketing strategy is missing one key factor that is losing you money and leads. When creating your ads, one of the biggest mistakes you can do is ASSUME what zip-codes to target in marketing.


It does not matter how much $$$ you are spending or how awesome it looks… it will not perform to its potential if it does not appear in the RIGHT PLACES


Running a campaign and targeting a zipcode you THINK will perform (…because it is your zip-code or it is an ‘affluent’ zip-code), is like throwing a piece of paper in the wind and hoping it gets to the right person.


Imagine every time you run an ad you are CERTAIN it is being directed towards people who live in the same vicinity, are of a similar background and (hopefully) have similar needs as your current clientele.


Now only if you had that *magic* piece of information to use in your advertising to attract more new patients…wait… YOU DO!!! And it’s FREE.


Use your database to compile patient zip codes…do you see any patterns?  Where the majority of your patients live will tell you WHERE to put your $$$ when target marketing. Use the information you already have to streamline your advertising and ZONE IN on who could be your next patient…Target them by ZIP-CODE


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