The Patient Flow Consultation

This is different than the strategy session. These are paid consultations with a money back guarantee. So, if you feel that our consultation were not worth your time, we will pay you back!

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Let Me Show You…

  • How your website can quickly get more organic traffic in search engines through an in-depth SEO Evaluation
  • The fasted and most efficient way to reduce cost per click in paid campaigns, increase leads and sales through your Adwords and get better conversions in leads to paid patient/client
  • How effective and streamlined your office is through a comprehensive team and systems assessment, from communication, to follow ups and leads tracking.

Who is This For?

  • If you have a dental office(s), where you spend money in advertising but you KNOW it could be better
  • If your team is following up on patient leads but you KNOW they need systems in place to set up appointment reminders
  • If you have traffic and leads coming in from your website but you feel it is missing automated follow-ups
  • If you want to expand faster than what your current ad channels are able to accommodate

Then, this Patient Flow Consultation is for YOU

What We Will Deliver:

  • PPC Ad Channel Review: Recommendations for your Ad Words/Bing accounts that will save you money right off the bat
  • Website Audit: Provide a full website analysis that will indicate factors that affect your website’s visibility in search engines and overall traffic
  • Tools and Services Review: We will review your marketing and service tools to see if these are the best applications for your company and what improvements should be made
  • Patient Flow Tracking: We will look at your reports and dashboards to see if they provide you with the insights you NEED to succeed

How We Do It:

Goal: Look through Patient Flows and all Ad Channels to figure out how you can improve right away

  •  Assess all Online Ad Channels to provide a list of actionable items
    • Google Ad-words/Bing/ Yahoo paid
    • SEO- Google
    • Facebook Campaigns
    • YouTube
  • Evaluate your marketing tools and services
    • Reputation Monitoring & Management
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Lead to Patient Match-up
    • Referral Sources
    • Phone Call Tracking
    • LiveChat
    • Website
    • Online Appointment Scheduling
    • Online and Offline Secure Form Software

How We Work:

  1. We will provide a form to better understand your current ad channels, system and tools in place
  2. Discovery call to understand the underlying issues (1.5 hour)
  3. Evaluation of the ad channels, website, and lead capturing systems in place
  4. Call to provide solutions and actionable  items (1 hour)

Final determination of cost is based on Discovery From and the amount of work needed per project.

Book a Patient Flow Consultation