IDEAL SITUATION: Your competitor has a billboard in the center of town, marketing their practice and an offer on dental implants (your specialty!).  Rather than paying for your own advertisements ($$$) to compete, save money and use theirs to your advantage!  


HOW PEOPLE SEARCH: As drivers pass by the billboard, most likely, they will look up the company name in Google/Bing/Yahoo.


This is just a hack – use it if your conscious allows you to.


Show your PAID AD for your competitor’s name and versions of it.



When you are outbidding your competitor, not only are you amplifying your company’s brand awareness but you are also guaranteeing an audience that is qualified and interested in what you have to offer (if they are searching for your competitor, they are also in the market for what you have to offer). To top it off, every conversion you receive, is one less for your competitor.



When bidding, go above and beyond just their brand name. Add queries that are specific to your offerings. Not only will this widen your search horizon, but it will also lead to a better understanding of your audience (what words stick out to them in advertising, what they are looking for specifically). Understanding your audience allows you to maximize your CPCs.



Your competitor’s company is called “Dreams Dental”. Bid on

[Dreams Dental]


Include keywords or phrases that can not only widen your reach, but also tell you a little bit more about your consumer.

[Dreams Dental Prices]

[Dreams Dental Reviews]

[Dreams Dental Insurance]

[Dreams Dental implants]


Once you have the keywords down, make sure your ad and message are strong and relevant. If the billboard advertised a discounted offer on dental implants, make sure your ad showcases a competitive advantage you hold.  Catch their eye and bring the consumer to you.