1. Whom to Target?

Deep Dive Into Your Practice.

We figure out who should be targeting for advertising. Learn from your Business Data. Who is your perfect patient, target area and more?

2. Where to Spend?

Choosing the AD Channels

Together, we figure out best advertising channels for you. You will be surprised to find out what’s best for your practice.

3. Tracking Your Spend & ROI – Return On Investment!

ROI on the Spend.

Track Leads, New Patients – Your Return on Investment (ROI)

4. Boost Your Results

Online Branding & Reviews

Online Reputation: BUILD IT. MANAGE IT. MARKET IT.

5. Maximizing Your Returns

Automation & Streamlining

Provide Guidance, in-house software & systems. Create Efficiency & ready for growth.

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The Technical STUFF

PPC – Pay Per Click

See PPC Case Study
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Branding & Active Reviews

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Organic Marketing – Search Engine Optimization

See Organic Case Study
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Your Website – Design, Hosting & Phone Call Tracking

See Web Design Case Study

how many new patients can we generate for your dental practice?

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