Not your usual cup of marketing. ROI DRIVEN Dental Marketing.

Our Team

Rockin Technology LLC has been doing marketing (SEO and PPC) since 2008 in different forms and different industries. Rockin Dental marketing came into existence in 2013 with a quest to help dentists get better success through marketing.

Our Team (In-House):

Varun Tandon – CEO

Dianna Del Rio – Project Manager

Meena Irphany – Pay Per Click Manager

Augustine Cenir – Client Support

Deepak – SEO Manager

Gautam – SEO Assistant

Ning – SEO Assistant

Shabana Irphany – Pay Per Click Assistant

Varun Tandon, SEO Expert

Varun Tandon, CEO of Rockin Technology LLC has been doing marketing (SEO and PPC) since 2001. He started as a programmer and Computer Engineer through training at LBSU (Long Beach State University, California).

With a passion to “figure out” what helps get to top in Google, Varun has had many “systems” over the years to get to the top in search engine rankings. With a changing landscape every few months, he took upon this challenge.

The whole team at Rockin Dental Marketing follows the Mantra that “Every change on or away from website is a test to see how Google jumps or declines.” We have learned more when something drastic happens – Up or Down. Worse outcome for a “change” is that nothing happens.

Absolute Transparency

You should know:

Your Dental website’s worth.

 How much you spend per month.

 How many patient leads your website/Online efforts generates.

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Monthly Report Explained

Note: Most of the contacts by potential patients were for Dental Implants (30%), Root Canal (20%), Tooth Extraction (25%), Crowns (5%) and other procedures (20%)

Patient Leads Tracking

Complete Tracking matters:

Helps calculate ROI from Paid campaigns.

Helps us Optimize the campaigns at keyword level.

Evaluate your Front-Desk staff using Call recordings.

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Phone Call Tracking w/ recordings

Phone Call Tracked – Email Notification Example