Dental Websites – Design Issues


Websites are built for a variety of purposes. For the most part, they serve to be informative or promotional. With the right website, you can be both. But if your website is missing crucial information, you could actually be deterring clients. You might be surprised at how many dental practice’s websites have huge gaps of information that is vital for a new patient.

Below are some of the variables we examined.

  1. Existence of website
  2. Website address
  3. Website was working
  4. Contact forms
  5. Email address listed
  6. Actual email address
  7. Missing pages or images (visual)
  8. Flash animation
  9. Business hours listed


While simply having a website does boost your visibility, it is still necessary to make sure your website has the information potential clients actually want. Consumers visit your website with an intent or question in mind, and if answered, the likelihood that they will utilize your services is increased. To dental patients, the most important factors on a website are list of products or services, hours of operation, contact information and prices.  However, Rockin Technology found that many dental websites are missing this vital information.

If website visitors have a question that the website itself cannot answer, the absence of email addresses and contact forms do not facilitate contact with the dental practice. This could potentially cause visitors to move on to another website with information that is more readily available. It could also harm your credibility in the eyes of the consumer, which can be just as important as your qualifications. Plus, if they like your website but still cannot easily contact you, their business will be lost anyway, and your marketing efforts can’t be successful.

Flaws in dental websites are far too common. Help your site stand out above the rest by checking your site for the factors we listed above. In order for your marketing to be successful, you need to employ most of the tactics laid out in our survey, but the SEO and customer acquisition variables are especially important.


Half of existing dental websites do not have an email address listed.

Many websites do not have contact forms to reach the practice.

About one-third of dental websites don’t have their business hours listed.

11% of dental websites still have Flash Animation, which does not work on iPhones and Android phones.

There are still some dental websites that are missing pages and images.

Some dental websites don’t even function properly.

To learn about more common website flaws to avoid, take a look at our dental office website design page. Or, check out our online dental marketing survey for information on other online platforms.